12 - 16

SESSION: goalkeeping - distribution and passing

    In this session, former FA national goalkeeping coach, Jack Robinson, delivers a series of distribution and passing practices for goalkeepers aged 12-16.

    Key objectives

    Develop player understanding of:

    • passing and distribution techniques – using both hands and feet
    • pass selection and quality
    • creating space to receive
    • receiving techniques: inside and outside of the foot
    • decision making under pressure
    • communication skills: verbal and non-verbal
    • core technical skills: handling, catching and throwing.

    Passing and receiving technique


    Attackers versus goalkeepers


    Distribution game


    Jack Robinson is now first team assistant goalkeeper coach at Liverpool.

    After you have watched this, ask yourself the following questions:

    • How would you adapt or tweak the practice to make it appropriate to your own players?
    • What additional challenges could you set to make the practice easier or harder for individuals or your group?

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