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Futsal: developing an international goalkeeper

    England futsal goalkeeper coach, Andy Reading, and first choice goalkeeper, Mark Croft, provide insight into England’s goalkeeper practices and explain why it’s important to involve outfield players in those sessions.


    In futsal the goalkeeper represents 20% of the team as opposed to 9% in 11 v 11. Add this to the fact that they’re always within 30 metres of the ball means that they’re constantly involved in the game and never get a chance to switch off, whether that’s in or out of possession.

    Premier League goalkeepers such as Ederson, Alisson and De Gea have been brought up on futsal and it’s easy to see how it has influenced their game, whether that be with how they deal with the ball in possession or with the techniques they often use to make saves close to the goal.

    The benefits of futsal for football goalkeepers is clear. As a game in its own right, futsal goalkeepers enjoy the fact that they’re always in the action and in a 40-minute game it’s not uncommon to face over 60 shots on target with a similar number of opportunities to distribute the ball.

    In the second part of a series focusing on goalkeeping in futsal, Andy Reading and Mark Croft provide:

    • advice for young goalkeepers
    • insight into England futsal goalkeeper sessions
    • reasons for why it’s important to use outfield players in training sessions.

    Best advice


    Session structure


    Using outfield players


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