FA Group Board and Committee Membership for 2023-24

Wembley Stadium connected by EE

The FA Ltd Board

Debbie Hewitt (Independent Chair)
Mark Bullingham (CEO)
Kate Tinsley (Senior Independent Director)
Tim Score (Independent Audit Committee Chair)
Mark Esiri (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Jobi McAnuff (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Rick Parry (EFL, Vice-Chair)
Dharmash Mistry (Premier League)
Sue Hough (National Game)
Thura Win (National Game)
Jack Pearce (Observer, Vice-Chair)

Nominations Committee

Kate Tinsley 
Rick Parry
Tim Score
Debbie Hewitt (Chair)
Mark Esiri
Jobi McAnuff
Sue Hough

Remuneration Committee

Kate Tinsley 
Rick Parry
Tim Score
Debbie Hewitt (Chair)
Mark Esiri
Jobi McAnuff
Sue Hough

Group Audit Committee

Tim Score (Chair)
Kate Tinsley
Jobi McAnuff
Thura Win

Inclusion Advisory Board

Deji Davies (Chair)
Christina Paouros
Nuala Walsh
Sanjay Bhandari

Women’s Football Board

Sue Hough (Women’s Conference) (Chair)
Elaine Oram (Chair of Sub-Committee)
John Taylor (Chair of Sub-Committee)
Sue Campbell (Women’s Football Director)
Jason Lee (PFA nominated rep)
Gail Scott-Spicer (Independent Member)
Eartha Pond (Independent Member)
Danielle Every (Independent Member)
Sandi Dosanjh (Chair, Women’s National League Board)

FA Women’s Super League and FA Women’s Championship Board

Dawn Airey (Chair - Independent)
David Gregson (Independent)
Gavin Makel (FAWSL Club Rep)
Svenja Geissmar (FAWSL Club Rep)
Rebecca Caplehorn (FAWSL Club Rep)
Maggie Murphy (FAWC Club Rep)
Lungi Macebo (FAWC Club Rep)
Lee Sanders (FAWC Club Rep)
Mark Bullingham 
Sue Campbell 
Sue Hough 
(Independent Member to be appointed)

FA Women’s National League Board

Sandi Dosanjh (Chair, INED)
Jessica Creighton (Independent)
Claire Lewis (Independent)
Sue Campbell (FA Exec)
Sue Hough (FA Board)
Carol West (FA WNL Management Committee)
Russ Green (Club Rep – Doncaster)
Liz Pamplin (Club Rep – Cambridge United)
David Mallin (Club Rep – Huddersfield)
Tim Greenwell – Board Observer

Disability Football

Council Members:

Chris Gordon
Sue Hough 
Shan Jaehrig
Jimmy Khan
Robina Shah 

Independent Advisors:

Colin Chaytors 
David Clarke
Matt Pounder
Andrew Marriott

Co-opted Member:
Ray Ashley – English Federation of Disability Sport
Jeff Mostyn – AFC Bournemouth

Council Committees

Football Regulatory Authority

NG Reps
Alex Baker 
Mark Ives
Nick Robinson
John Topping

PG Reps
Peter McCormick 
Rebecca Caplehorn
Zoe Webber
Paul Douglas

Independent Commissioners
Lord David Wolfson (Chair)
Sir Ian Johnston (Vice-Chair)
Shola Ameobi
Genevieve Gordon

Disciplinary Sub-Committee (sub-committee of FRA)

Davide Corbino
Alan Darfi
Mark Ives
Shan Jaehrig
Kristian Jones
Elliott Kenton
John Topping
Thura Win

Judicial Panel (Council Panel Members)

Chris Quinlan (Independent Chair)
Philip Chaplin
Peter Clayton
Colin Garlick
Mary Guest
Shan Jaehrig
Kim Mundy
Andrew Neville
Jack Pearce
Chris Reeves
Roy Schafer
Geoff Thompson
Paul Tompkins
Thura Win

Alliance Leagues Committee

Graham Brookland
Tom Greatrex
Mark Harris (Chair)
Anthony Hughes
Mark Ives (Vice Chair)
Craig Johnson
Jack Pearce 
Chris Reeves
Nick Robinson
Aron Sharpe
Andy Shaw
Steve Thompson

Mark Frost (Leagues Committee)

Leagues Committee

Barry Chaplin
Philip Chaplin
Mark Frost 
Neil Griffin
Mervyn Leggett
Paul Mallett
Richard Neal
Gavin Perry
Denise Richmond 
David Simpson
John Suddards
Ian Wild

Co-opted Member

Chris Conlon – Steps 5 & 6 Leagues

Anthony Hughes (Alliance Leagues Committee)

Referees Committee

Aji Ajibola
Alex Baker
Barry Casterton
Andy Chaplin
Barry Chaplin 
David Crick 
Philip Hill
Tom Sampson
Sarah Walters

Co-opted Members
Howard Webb – PGMOL
Jarnail Singh

NGB & Committees

National Game Board

Jo Bladen (Independent) 
Neil Cassar (Council)
Colin Chaytors (Council)
Yashmin Harun (Council)
Sue Hough (Board, Chair)
Mark Ives (Council)
Jo Maher (Council)
Nick Robinson (Council)
Kevin Shoemake (Council)
John Suddards (Council)
John Taylor (Council)
John Topping (Council)
Lynsey Tweddle (Independent)
Sarah Walters (Council)
Thura Win (Board, Vice-Chair)
Jack Pearce (Observer)

Affiliated Associations’ Committee

Michael Banham
Colin Bridgford 
Peter Ducksbury
Colin Garlick
Martin Gilmour
John Horsley
Sally Lockyer
Frank McArdle
Terence McCosh
Greg Petts
Thura Win 
National Game Competitions Committee

Neil Cassar
Adam Evans
Mark Harris
Anthony Hughes
Craig Johnson
Steve Johnson
Geoff Lee
Denise Richmond
Nick Robinson 
Roy Schafer
Steve Thompson
Paul Tompkins 
Facilities Expert Advisory Group

Colin Chaytors
Peter Ducksbury 
Mervyn Leggett
Greg Petts
Fleur Robinson
Stephen Whittle 
Co-opted Member
Chris Barry – Football Foundation
Football Development Committee

Susannah Abbott
Sam Bell-Minogue
Jimmy Khan
Jonathan Leese (Vice-Chair)
Jordan Liburd
Jo Maher (Chair)
Marvin Robinson
Tom Sampson
Kevin Shoemake
Ben Snowdon
John Suddards
John Topping

Graeme Dell (Chair)
David Henson
Marvin Robinson
David Simpson
Brian Walden
John Waterall
Co-opted Members
Marc Birkett - Futsal Referee Representative (nominated by Referees Committee)
Simon Walker (Independent)
Luis Melville (Independent)
Steve Mitchell (Independent)
Mike Brown

PGB & Committee

Professional Game Board

Rick Parry (EFL) 
Peter Ridsdale (EFL)
Jez Moxey (EFL)
Steve Kavanagh (EFL)
Rebecca Caplehorn (Premier League)
Peter McCormick (Premier League, Chair) 
Paul Barber (Premier League)
Cliff Crown (Premier League)

Tom Greatrex – Supporters
Mark Ives – National League
FA Challenge Cup

Steve Curwood (EFL appointment)
Neil Bausor (EFL appointment)
Steve Kavanagh (EFL appointment, Vice-Chair)
Paul Douglas (EFL Appointment)
Rebecca Caplehorn (PL appointment) 
Peter McCormick (PL appointment, Chair) 
Paul Barber (PL appointment)
Rebecca Britain (PL appointment)
Brian Adshead (NG appointment)
Peter Clayton (NG appointment)
John Topping (NG appointment)
Andrew Shaw (NG appointment)

Tom Greatrex – Supporters