BASES accredited facility for testing and analysis

Human Performance Lab

The Human Performance Lab incorporates leading technologies to assess performance and to train you to reach your optimal performance. The technologies include:

  • BASES (The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences) accredited facility used for testing and analysis
  • An anti-gravity treadmill, incorporating NASA technology, the Alter G treadmill optimises performance by customising body weight to aid rehabilitation after-injury or surgery
  • Altitude and Heat Chamber (up to 5000m and 40 degrees celsius – a simulated high altitude environment allowing athletes, explorers and clients to train at different altitudes, temperatures and humidity to enhance athletic performance. The altitude chamber can be used to help improve recovery times, for injury rehabilitation and prepare for trips at high altitude
  • Assessments include: OBLA, VO2 max, Force Plate Analysis, Functional Movement Screening, Blood Profiling, Body Composition and Isokinetic testing

For information on facilities please call +44 (0)1283 576200 or email