Shining a spotlight on the ways fans can support themselves with their mental health

Shining a spotlight on the different ways fans can support themselves and each other with their mental health

On Saturday 1st August, the Heads Up FA Cup Final will see the biggest fixture in the world’s oldest domestic cup competition dedicated to the nation’s mental health.

The Final is the culmination of the Heads Up campaign, a season-long partnership between The FA and Heads Together that aims to use the influence and popularity of football to encourage more people to feel comfortable talking about, and take action to improve, their mental health.

In recognition of the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the fixture - the first FA Cup Final to be held behind-closed-doors – Heads Up will use the match to celebrate the #SoundofSupport. While Wembley may be silent, the conversation around mental health will be louder than ever.

Ahead of kick off, players from both teams will gather to listen to the #SoundofSupport. Unique artificial crowd noise will be played throughout the stadium, created from a soundscape of real mental health conversations from fans and players, and will be introduced by a rallying spoken word piece from poet and mental health champion Hussain Manawer.

So, whether you’re encouraging who might be struggling, kicking off a conversation about mental health, or simply being there to listen, we’re asking fans to show the sound of their support – and make sure it’s heard by those who need it. Whoever you support, and whoever supports you, let’s keep breaking the silence around mental health, and fill it with the #SoundofSupport

For more tips and advice from our charity partners on how to support others, and find support yourself, visit the links below: