Jordan Pickford explains how his dad and brother have been helping him keep in shape

Wednesday 13 May 2020
Jordan Pickford has been training hard at home during lockdown

Jordan Pickford has been making the most out of his time in lockdown, by involving his dad and brother to help him train.

As a goalkeeper, Pickford’s solo work differs in many ways to the rest of his team-mates so he’s been fortunate to call upon some help at home.

And he’s also got his hands on a ball machine to fire shots at him more recently, to keep on top of his keeping skills.

"I've been doing a lot of gym stuff, bike rides and I've managed to get my hands on a ball machine,” he revealed, during this week’s edition of ‘Micah Phones’.

“Me and my old man and my brother have been doing a few sessions with it and that's helped me a lot.

"My brother always thought he was a centre forward, so he's been smashing a few at me, but I've done my best against him and don't give him any leeway.

"And I couldn't trust me dad to do it, so I've got this kit now.”


The Everton man also explained how the lockdown has been the longest break from football he’s had in his career.

Having often featured in successive summers for England’s development teams as a teenager and then as a senior player, Pickford has been trying to strike the right balance between recovery and keeping on top.

"For a goalkeeper, it's more power work so I've been keeping busy in the garden and doing a lot of gym- based work on the lower legs and keep ticking over really,” he added.

"I don't want to burn myself out because I've never really had a break from football.

“I know it's not ideal having a break, but this is going to refresh us and recharge everything really.”

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By Nicholas Veevers