EURO 2020 second ballot update

We're aware of an issue with UEFA and the second ballot for EURO 2020 tickets

Wednesday 11 Mar 2020
We're working with UEFA to resolve the ticket allocation issu

We're aware of a ticket issue with the second ballot whereby UEFA has only allocated a single ticket to lead members where in some cases, other members in the group should have also been allocated a ticket.

As previously advised, the ballot was conducted using the original application data submitted in December, together with members who mistakenly applied through the General Public sale and subsequently joined the waiting list. The same ballot rules (as the December application period) were applied based on the additional allocation of tickets UEFA had offered. This means that not all members in the second ballot were guaranteed a ticket. 

We are working with UEFA to resolve this issue and will provide a further update as soon as possible.

It is too late to join the waiting list and be added to the second ballot now. You'll need to await further updates in the coming months or try UEFA's re-sale portal or General Public sale. 

By FA Staff