EURO 2020: second ticket ballot

We're pleased to confirm as second ballot has been conducted and returned to UEFA for review

Friday 28 Feb 2020
The second ballot has been conducted and returned to UEFA for review

Following our previous update, we're pleased to confirm that a second ballot has been conducted based the additional allocation of tickets and the data has been returned to UEFA for review. 

The ballot was conducted using the original application data submitted in December, together with members who mistakenly applied through the General Public sale and subsequently joined the waiting list. 

Once UEFA have confirmed they're happy with the data and want to proceed with a further sale, we'll provide an update on this website and via email which will detail the number of tickets allocated and the mechanism for members to purchase. 

Please await this information before contacting the ESTC team.

UEFA will also be validating the second ballot data against tickets sold in their General Public Sales and second-chance sale to ensure there's no duplication - the ticket policy for the tournament is one ticket per person, per match. 

In addition, it will not be possible to swap any tickets you have already purchased for tickets in the additional allocation. 

Waiting list

As communicated on February 20, the waiting list for tickets is closed. The waiting list was only open to members who made mistakes with their application by applying through UEFA's general public sale as we did not have access to their original application data. 

If you were unsuccessful or only partially successful in the original Travel Club ballot due to your caps level or opting to be inflexible, you did not need to complete the waiting list for further tickets. The reason for this is because we already have your application recorded in the original ballot and did not need that data duplicating.

Members who ignored this advice should note that only the original ballot data will be used and only 'active' caps at the time of submitting your application in December will be counted. 

Not a Travel Club member?

Unfortunately if you're not a member of the 2018-2020 Travel Club membership we cannot offer you any of the additional allocation we acquired from UEFA. If you still wish to attend EURO 2020, your best bet is through UEFA's General Public Sale and re-sale platform. 

By FA Staff