Exiled Lionesses fan Anna Girdwood explains why England makes her proud in the USA

We've asked all football fans to explain to us what England means to them, in a new feature with the Three Lions' lead partner BT. First up is Anna Girdwood, from Missouri in the USA who writes of her pride at seeing the rise in profile of the Lionesses

Sunday 05 Apr 2020
Anna Girdwood has backed England's Women from her home in the USA over the last few years

I moved to America from England when I was 23 and have lived in the USA for 22 years now, I even became an American citizen a couple of years ago.

However my love for England football has never diminished. 

As a woman growing up, coverage of women's football was virtually non-existent. Following the men was easy, at least coverage-wise and the country coming together for EURO 96 was so good.

That is one big regret I have about living in America, is that I miss out on the fervour of a big tournament and how the atmosphere is.

From a women's football perspective, Kelly Smith was the first player that I adored and I was lucky enough to see her play when she played club soccer in America.

Anna saw her first live England game at the SheBelieves Cup in 2016!


I have been fortunate enough to attend some of the SheBelieves Cup games in recent years and being able to see the England Women's team in person has just been amazing.

For the handful of English players who play for club teams in America, I do my best to attend their games and fully support them.

I am so so proud of being born English and I will never lose that love for English football, regardless of how long I live in America. 

Anna Girdwood

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By FA Staff