Ahead of this summer, we've released a video around anti-social behaviour in football

Thursday 30 May 2019
The FA have released a new video, aimed to urging people to stop anti-social behaviour at football

Ahead of this summer’s UEFA Nations League Finals in Portugal, we’ve released a video to highlight the issue of anti-social behaviour across English football. 

With a high number of Three Lions fans travelling to support the team in June, the minute-long film portrays extreme examples of unacceptable behaviour but within a formal setting to highlight the embarrassment caused.

And the video ends with a message from Gareth Southgate, calling on those responsible to follow the lead of others and help make the experience of following English football positive for all.

Our head of security, Tony Conniford, will be with the England group in Portugal and is hoping the video will help people take a look at themselves

"I’ve been involved in football now for 26 years in one role or another, with the Police and the FA, and we have gone from the organised violence days to, more recently, a growing number who become involved in this anti-social behaviour,” he said.

"A lot of it is alcohol-fuelled and there almost becomes an acceptance that because you’re at football, anything goes.

"I find that difficult to buy into and people need to have a look at themselves and start to think: ‘If my relatives, wife or children were here with me, would it be an enjoyable experience?’ And the answer is no.

"What this initiative is really doing is focusing on people to really have a look at themselves.

"The theme for me at the moment is that everybody seems very proud of the team and everything that’s going on, and what we are trying to say is that we want to be proud of you supporting us.

"The fans follow us all over the world and I want to say there are a huge number of genuine fans that I meet on a regular basis who go out of their way to follow the national team and really do us proud.

"But unfortunately we have this growing number that thinks it’s acceptable to just go wherever they want and behave in a manner that creates a bad impression and leaves a bad taste with the hosts.

"As a country, I think the whole of it feels that embarrassment. We all feel it, everybody associated with the team feels it."

FA CEO Martin Glenn added: "It’s been a great season for English football and England but we can’t ignore some of the anti-social and embarrassing behaviour that has crept back into the game.

"There are thousands of brilliant supporters wherever our teams go, but there is an increasing problem that must be called out. We all have a responsibility to represent the country in the right way and that is what we are trying to highlight."

By FA Staff