Pedro dribbles down the wing for Chelsea against Arsenal

Webinar // Mid block & attacking play

02.04.19 at 7:00 PM
Online. Duration: 90 minutes.
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Join us as FA national coach developer and former Norwich City head of coaching, Phil Church, leads this webinar on creating attacking play and employing a mid-block

Phil will be exploring case studies from across the game, examining how teams apply different principles of play to create attacks and employ an effective mid-block.

He’ll be looking at the technical skills players need to focus on developing and how position specific roles directly impact on the effectiveness of a teams mid-block. Phil will also be discussing the latest approaches to training and how we can connect mid-block practice strategies to match-day performances.

So, if you're an FA Level 3 or 4 coach and are looking to develop your teams attacking play and mid-block deployment we thoroughly recommend you join us for what should be a great 90 minutes of insight and discussion.

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