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Webinar // Developing A 'what if' plan

18.03.19 at 6:00 PM
Online. Duration: 60 minutes.
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Join us as our FA County Coach Developers discuss how best to develop and use ‘what if’ plans when you have more or less players than expected at training and match day.
During this session our team will discuss the key considerations when building a ‘what if’ plan, and how to be flexible in your coaching to deal with any training attendance issues or problems working with limited space.

We’ll also be discussing how to prepare for every eventuality on match day and how the ‘Plan, Do, Review’ model can be crucial to your coaching development and delivery.

So, if you're an FA Level 1 or 2 coach and are looking to improve your flexibility and ‘what if’ plans we thoroughly recommend you join us for what should be a great hour of insight and discussion.

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